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As early as 1904 Nickola Tesla on experimenting with A.C. currents of High Potential and High Frequency  and with rays beyond light rays said “There is a vast quantity of available energy in space and it will not be long until men will attach their machines to the wheelwork of nature. Radiant Energy was first presented years before the world was ready to accept it in principal or to understand its magnitude. History has again shown the unwillingness of men to accept and adapt to drastic change or new ideas. Dr. Moray realized the magnitude of his discovery and has felt the burden of responsibility for what could well be the future of mankind. he has had a sincere desire to place his knowledge where it would do the most good for all and not into the hands of a few who were selfish for power and wealth. In this undertaking he has been thwarted on all sides, even from quarters where there was no knowledge of or connection with the work.

The Moray energy equipment has been thoroughly investigated and tested. It has been experimented with under all kinds of physical and weather conditions. It has been tested many miles from all power lines before capable and dis interested electrical men and distinguished scientists from all parts of the world who could find no answer other than that advanced by the discoverer. The discovery of the natural principles and laws through which energy has been captured and made part of the great discovery has been brought about by years of intensive work with this one please of energy in mind. It should be just as easy to, accept the fact that a receiving set or electrical device has been constructed for the purpose of receiving the energy, waves from the universe as it is to accept a radio receiving set that receives “audio waves” transformed from electrical impulses as the radio does. One transposes electrical waves to mechanical while the other transposes energy waves into light, heat and power. The facts involved are the same in both the radio receiving set and this device. The radio receiving set receives man transmitted energy waves out of the air and transposes them into “audio waves,” the Radiant Energy Device receives oscillations from the universe and transposes them into electrical energy. As in the reception the circuit radio waves, so in the case of the Moray device; the circuit is a tuned arrange ment to respond to the particular wave frequency “oscillations” which it is desired to intercept. A “valve” used to prevent the return of the energy to the outer circuit and force it to go through the  power application circuit is a part of the invention

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