about us

a brief history of our company

SQS engineering is as young innovative  Clean Deep Tech (CDT) startup established in 2018 by its founder Eng.Ngum Shingwa . We have  a clear purpose of  reducing CO2 emmisions and closing the energy gap by 2035 using renewable free solar cosmic clean energy to electrify our commuinties  in Cameroon , Africa, USA and the Globe at large  .


Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

our mission & values

Closing the energy gap to 350TW globally by 2035 with innovative energy efficient CDT hardware and software products at low cost

• Saving consumers energy cost through Business to Client (B2C), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IOT) for sensing , monitoring and preventive maintenance
SQS Engineering is the future of large utility –scale, pure-clean energy company in Cameroon , Africa and USA . We are one of the future’s largest clean energy startup/company in the world

• End-to-end vertically integrated complete team capabilities ( in house EPC, land acquisition, Self O&M and digitalization drive cost effeciencies and increase margins

• Current operated & committed capacity ( 10KW operational / 600KW)

1.How do we help our environement ?

Simply, we help our environment by providing clean sustainable energy through solar energy thereby reducing the CO2 emmisions in the atmosphere and reducing the effects of global warming on our planet.

2. how do we benefit our clients?

Solar energy is free and so its generally cheap in the long run. Our new innovation provides more efficient energy therefore powering more devices and equipments at a very low cost.

we listen and work together!!

Our organization ahs adopted a people oriented culture with a very high employee satisfaction and a low employee turn over. Our employees are generally happy because they believe in our vision and are often willing to perform beyond their objectives.


employee satisfaction


quality work process