Research & Innovation

SQS engineering is building Innovative clean deeptech energy  hardware products  with a higher  energy density efficiency, which will be making maximum use  of  the Sun and cosmic aetheric  vibrations alongside the Earths’s  aetheric  gravitational properties . We also building software products for its monitor and control at distance. 

Diagram of the problem

Our First innovative  energy product is a more efficient solar panel  that will be absorbing the rejected vibrations from the light spectrum and transforming them to electricity thereby increasing its energy efficiency with a high charge
density flow ( electricity).


More research is being done on absorbing invisble cosmic waves like like Tesla and dr Murray

this is our proposed solution

You can contact us directly by to learn more about this innovation.

Other Innovations

  1. Our 2nd product is a high static battery with a high rate of charge density flow during charging and discharging
  2. 3rd innovative product is a high frequency Balanced gravitational aetheric magnectic Flywheel by Dr Edward producing clean radiant energy with a high charge density