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Our focus is first for Africa, where we are based and since Africa has the widest energy gap.  Globally, we intent to close the energy gap to 350TW by 2035 with innovative energy efficient CDT hardware and software products at low cost.

With over ten years and counting in the energy industry. We are equipped to advice any individual or organization about their energy needs. Our consultation package also includes recommendations on what energy equipments are efficient for your home or organization

Besides just installation, we also maintain existing energy structures. With Solar energy being our focus, we also maintain all other forms of  energy structures and equipments including wind turbines, generators.

The quality of our work so far has been excellent. We have installed provided energy to rural communities in Africa using the solar enerygy technology. We were able to provide quality, reliable energy to rural communities in Cameroon, Nigeria and some other east African countries. 

SQSengineering is a clean energy startup reseaching, innovating and buiding cleantech energy products that will be producing more electricity and will accelerate the transition of clean energy from fossil fuels.

how we are best among others?

At Sqs Engineering our culture is learning and innovation. We are the first in Africa to venture into Solar Cosmic Energy and to experiment with waves of different frequencies that can provide more efficient energy than solar energy. We are the first in and only Energy  company in Africa to nurse the vision of closing the Enerygy gap in Africa.

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We use a rigorous iterative process. We invest in our learning and development process





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A Solo serial founder building/hiring a potential cofounding /execution team with the diverse expertise

Are you a deep clean energy tech investor ??

If you have ever been interested in reducing global warming and its effects on our planet then this is your chance. Join us by becoming an investor in our innovations and we will make you proud. Our vision is the acceleration of the clean energy development products so we transit to clean energy products by 2030.

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Telephone: (+237) 678 833 418

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