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Our focus is too accelerate the research and manufacturing of  revolutionary cleantech hardware products at low cost that will electrify our commuinities, (agricultural & agro-industrial) companies and bitcoin mining alongside software products to artificially and  intelligently manage these innovative hardware products. 

With over five years and counting in the clean energy industry. We have the  experience to advice our clients about their energy needs and propose  equipments to be purchased that will satisfy thier needs at the end of the day.

We provide preventive and corrective maintenance to exisiting solar energy plants and making sure its always reliable to provide energy , easily maintable with a low downtime and  have it available to produce clean energy 24/7 . we working on building AI systems that will give us real time predictive preventive maintenance via IOT systems to our mobile phones

The quality of our work so far has been excellent. We have installed  and provided energy to rural communities in Cameroon using  solar eneryg clean technology. We were able to deploy quality, reliable energy to  communities in Africa, USA and the world. 

We reseaching on novel methods of accelerating the production of high density clean energy to be available 24/7 for our commuities. Our first research and innovative product is a solar panel that absorbs  visible light from the  sun and produces electricity. we having long storage batteries and gravitational flywheel systems.

we looking forward to setting up setup an R&D lab with 3D printing machines to prototype our innovative products ,get thier product market fit and then scale its manufacturing

how we are best among others?

In 1904  when Nickola Tesla on experimenting with A.C. currents of High Potential and High Frequency  with rays beyond light rays said “There is a vast quantity of available energy in space and it will not be long until men will attach their machines to the wheelwork of nature” . Nicola Telsa was talking now with the coming of sqsengineering that will build clean tech sustainable products at a low cost of production  and accelerating the clean energy transition. sqsengineering culture is healing the earth with the use of  clean energy. 

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A Solo serial founder building/hiring a potential cofounding /execution team with the diverse expertise

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Are you a deeptech investor wanting to impact in the healing of the earth with cleantech energy products limiting CO2 emmisions,  and  making  large returns of investments with time ? Hit us up , seed in us so we act now and execute asap.

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